United Filipino Seafarers

More than just a Maritime Labor Federation

  UFS – Born to Make a Difference!


The story of the United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) is a story of triumph and tribulations in the continued fight to champion the plight and the cause of the Filipino seafarers. Replete with courage, grit and steadfastness that seafarers are known for, the UFS chronicles also teems with human drama interwoven in a diaspora of experience that unfold in every voyage in the oceans or on the seas of life.

Twenty years since its humble beginnings on December 12, 1994, UFS has grown in size and in number. It has likewise become one of the most influential seafarer unions in the Philippines. Amid its constant growth over the years, the UFS remains a seafarer’s haven where a seafarer, weary from a long voyage or happy over the blessings his family now enjoys, can bring good tidings as well as bad in a convivial setting.

Indeed, UFS is more than a maritime union. It has transcended the conventional role of a bargaining entity for seafarers’ welfare and benefits and embraced the broader responsibility of making the seafarer and his family an active member of the broader Philippine society.

As UFS makes its presence felt in the global community, it never ceases to acknowledge its humble beginnings, hoping that this will give it the strength to fulfill its mission.

In the end, the call remains the same – in unity, UFS gained strength and through unity, UFS will realize its vision for the Filipino seafarers and for the maritime industry, where it has become and will continue to be an integral part of.

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