Hi there! My name’s Alfcaptureonso, I’m 40. I recently had to face and overcome a huge problem – prostatitis. I’d been living normally, and then, as if from nowhere, I started getting pain in my groin. In the beginning, I didn’t really give it much thought but it soon started to worsen. It became a painful experience to go to the toilet, to have sex, and even to drive my car! To say that my virility had deteriorated would be an understatement. I went to the doctor and the diagnosis was chronic prostatitis. It turns out that sedentary lifestyle and excessive alcohol consumption, or even reduced immunity, can lead to prostatitis. It’s hardly surprising that so many people out there are struggling with it…

The doctor said that the treatment should start immediately, not because of the pain but because prostatitis can cause impotence. He prescribed pills, injections, and supplements. The whole cost was adding up to £700 – £1000. This was all aimed at getting me rid of the inflammation. But what could I do? I took the pills, the supplements, and the injections. After 2 months of this “treatment” for impotence, disaster struck. The pain did go away, but I couldn’t get it up any more. I JUST COULDN’T GET IT UP. And that’s supposed to be a treatment! I went for a prostate massage (£20 a session). To say that the sensation was “unpleasant” is to put it mildly. I had to give up sex for over a month. The seriousness of the problem hit me: I wanted to have sex but couldn’t since I was unable to get it up. That’s absolutely terrible. With those feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and anger, I just felt like giving up. A month after I’d started the treatment, the pain came back again. Then I had both prostatitis and impotence, which was just great. I rushed back to the hospital. The doctor said that that’s the way everything was going to continue from now on and that I’d have to keep getting treatment. Whether my virility would return or not, he couldn’t say. Lead a healthy lifestyle, work out, and get plenty of exercise and bla bla bla, maybe it’d return. Some pretty terrifying prospects.

I started reading articles online and went to forums in search for something effective. I wasn’t hoping for a miracle, I think I just wanted to find someone else who was going through the same crap and find out how they dealt with it. It turned out that there were millions of people like me, young guys aged 35-45, who had become impotent and nobody and nothing could help them. I read on one of the blogs that there was a guywho’d been suffering for years but then went and cured prostatitis in a month, and also got rid of his impotence. He treated himself with a a herbal remedy called ProstaPalst. I was sitting at home in Davao with doctors who knew it all, while some people had found out how to treat prostatitis and keep their virility. Since I didn’t have any other options, I decided to give this method a go.

I thought the remedy would be expensive, but it only cost a tenner. I ordered it on the official site. I applyed the treatment for a month. By the end of the first week, the pain had decreased. There wasn’t anything special about that method, there’s a load of anti-inflammatory drugs which have already come and gone. But I was really pleased because I felt like I had a started living a new life. My virility gradually started to return. I STARTED TO GET IT UP AGAIN :)))) there was some movement going on down there again. By the end of the third week not only had the pain gone away, but also my virility had also improved significantly. I had already forgotten what a morning hard on felt like, and here it was, coming back again.

I completed my treatment three months ago since then I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with pain or virility. Everything works like clockwork. I’m now living life to the fullest… Guys, prostatitis isn’t a sentence, you really can treat it quickly and easily, and the best thing is you don’t even have to leave your home. It happened to me and it will happen to you. The most important thing is to not sit around and do nothing!

Source: http://www.bladder-advice.com

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