The office of the City Prosecutor in Manila has recommended that Mr. Leuel Oseña be indicted for libel finding probable cause on the case filed by Engr. Nelson P. Ramirez last April 22, 2009.

The resolution stated that criticisms and defamation are two different categories. Criticisms deal only with such things as shall invite public attention or call for public comment. It does not follow a public man into his private life nor pry into domestic concerns. They may not attack and seek to destroy, by fair means foul, the whole fabric of his statesmanship, but the law does not permit them to attack the man himself. They may falsely charge that his policies are bad, but they may not falsely charge that he is bad.

Anent, retaliation or vindictiveness cannot be a basis of self-defense in defamation. “It may be true that “once aspersion is cast its sting clings,” but will another libel shake off such sting? Will hitting back undo what was done? We take it that if a person is insulted hits back, he wants to retaliate or revenge; and retaliation or vindictiveness can hardly be the basis of self-defense. The answering of a libel may be justified, if it is adequate when the answer is scurrilous.”

Leuel Oseña ,  the soothsayer-president of Amigos-Marino recklessly published a lie tainted and baseless story  that Engr. Nelson Ramirez possessed SPURIOUS, FAKE or TAMPERED marine engineer’s license on the March 31, 2009 issue of the defunct The Maritime Observer.

Oseña also falsely accused Engr. Ramirez who started as a messboy/ deck rating in the early 1970s and ended up wandering in Luneta in the late 80’s. He also said that Ramirez do not deserve to be a labor union leader and  an unknown as a regular member of the established national media organizations like Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) or National Press Club.

On the other hand, Engr. Ramirez presented his several licenses issued by the Professional Regulation Commission, his Norwegian license, Panamanian license, Dutch license, Liberian license and Bahamas license  which proved that Leuel Oseña is guilty of making malicious imputations and of lying about the veracity of his licenses.

On the allegation that Engr. Ramirez was wandering in the streets of Luneta in the late 1980’s, Engr. Ramirez presented documents that he was on board vessels from 1980 to 1994, was chosen as delegate/representative of the Filipino Seafaring sector in the First Overseas Filipino Conference held on December 11-12 1988 at the Asian Institute Management in Paseo de Roxas,  Makati and was also the representative of the Sea Based sector in the First Overseas Filipino Conference in Europe on November 1-3 held in Netherlands. Aside from that, Ramirez also represented the Concerned Seamen of the Philippines on the Forum on The Condition of the Philippine Shipping Industry on November 25, 1988 held in Asian Social Institute in Manila. Likewise, he is also a member of the Organizing Committee of the Filipino Seafarers National Convention held on September 27-28, 2002 at the Manila Hotel which also proves that Mr. Leuel Oseña is only concocting stories to assassinate the character of Engr. Nelson Ramirez.

On the issue that Engr.  Ramirez is a nuisance in the media industry, he retorted and asked why would Mr. Leuel Oseña work as a columnist for four years and six months and  advertise his product OMARSOFT for nine straight years in the newspaper (Tinig ng Marino) which I am the founder and executive editor?

Engr. Ramirez also said that he had eight radio programs in well-known radio stations all over the country and a television show at present compared to what Oseña has been bragging that he was a blocktimer of DWBL and DWSS  which are unknown to many radio audience. Ramirez also presented his various IDs as a member of various media organizations that Mr. Leuel Oseña does not have.

On the defamatory statement of Leuel Oseña that Engr. Ramirez is unfit to be included in the core of professionals,  Ramirez proved that his peers in the profession have recognized his leadership and significant contributions to the field of marine engineering as well as to the maritime industry as a community when he presented the various awards and plaques of appreciation as a leader of a maritime labor federation like The Most Outstanding Marine Engineer of the Year in 1996 by the Professional Regulation Commission, Outstanding Achiever of the Year in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte, Outstanding Individual of the Year in 2008 by the Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption, Outstanding Seafarer of the Year by the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), OLAMWA medal from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Spirit Plaque from the Philippine Coast Guard, Plaque of appreciation from MARINA, OWWA, Presidential Fact-Finding and Policy Advisory Commission and from various maritime institutions all over the country by giving lectures to maritime students.

Through the years, Mr. Leuel Oseña has been brandishing in some newspapers that he graduated summa cum laude from the Philippine Maritime Institute (PMI). This issue has raised the eyebrows of the graduates from that school because they never heard of any graduate who received such recognition. There was even a story that sometime in 2008, Leuel Oseña went to his alma mater and asked somebody from PMI that he be given such an award because he believed that he deserved it but he was not granted.


He also boasted the he bested the debating team of U.P., Ateneo and La Salle. An incredible achievement as to why the law students of these prominent institutions would engage in a debate with a second year maritime student from PMI.

What is more intriguing is he had been bragging through the years that Texas Instruments offered to buy his software OMARSOFT for $ 10,000,000.00 ( ten million dollars) way back in the mid 90’s and one European firm offered to buy it also for $ 50,000,000.00 ( fifty million dollars) which could have made him a billionaire before Manny Pacquiao earned his first billion. Unfortunately, he refused the offer because he was afraid that his software might end up in the hands of Chinese seafarers and the Filipino seafarers’ job will end up in jeopardy.

In the mid-nineties Oseña was able to sell his software like hot cakes to seafarers at a price ranging from Php 1,205.00 to as much as Php 6,027.00. The complete OMARSOFT package though would entail the seafarer a significant investment of Php 79,556.00.

Eventually, the sales of OMARSOFT software dwindled when his costumers found out that by the time they bought this software, they became practically hostaged by Oseña. They could not use it continually because it had bars indicating usage consumption with corresponding cost. They complained that it was like a jukebox or a prepaid cellphone which would be useless unless you continue on paying.

This legal battle started with an opinionated article of Mr. Leuel Oseña in the defunct Maritime Observer that the economic crisis that started in the year 2008 was only artificial and there would be a great leap in economic activity by February 2009 that the world has never seen.

He said that with the election of Obama as the president of the United States of America, the world would be excited and the economy would “boom like hell.”

Ramirez refused to swallow the crap from Oseña and unmasked him as a false prophet and a believer of his own lies, he who carries a bagful of rhetoric with him in the local maritime industry. This is now a battle between the stories he concocted in his fertile mind against the voluminous evidence that I have in my hand.

Several stakeholders from the local industry are also supporting Ramirez in this legal move because they simply had enough of Oseña. One industry stakeholder even said that “you can do whatever you want to do with Oseña – grill him, maim him or even crucify him – but you cannot just take the boastfulness in him, unless you kill or bury him. “Sobra ang yabang ng taong yan.”


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