Mga kababalaghan sa mga kaso ng marino

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ENGR. NELSON P. RAMIREZ Most Outstanding Marine Engineer Officer, PRC, 1996 Most Outstanding Student, ZNSAT, 1970 Outstanding Achiever of the Year, Province of Zamboanga del Norte, 2006   Mga kababalaghan sa mga kaso ng marino May mga kwentong katotohanan o guni-guni na nangyayari  sa ating industriya na maaaring makabagbag damdamin o kikiliti sa inyong mga […]

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Unholy Alliance Part 2

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As the saga of the “Unholy Alliance” (TNM November – December 2010) and “The Lawyer Who Raised a Seafarer from the Dead” (TNM March-April 2012) slowly unfolds, the maritime world watches in anticipation. The questions are now slowly being answered; the problems are starting to have solutions and the perpetrators and accessories are now nearly […]

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Unholy Alliance: Rising Bogus Filipino Seafarer Claims Starting to Turn Off Foreign Ship owners

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Some foreign-based principals of local manning agents are starting to feel the pinch of the rising trend of bogus claims of Filipino seafarers, mostly ratings. While the costs involved in paying off those often ridiculous seafarer claims hardly put a dent on the deep pockets of foreign shipowners, their pride can only take so much […]

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