Undoubtedly, the United Filipino Seafarers, spearheaded by its President, Engr. Nelson Ramirez, has once again made history after it pulverized Marine Engineers’ Association of the Philippines (MEAOP).   This crooked organization has raked millions of hard earned money from our dear seafarers for several years by obliging them to be members of the said organization […]

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United Filipino Seafarers: Born to Make a Difference

Driven by a passion to champion the cause of Filipino seafarers, the United Filipino Seafarers embarked on a journey of commitment to stand and face the challenges besetting Filipino mariners including illegal recruiters, abusive manning agencies and maritime training centers, red tape in government maritime agencies, substandard maritime schools, among a plethora of other problems. […]

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Beginning of UFS

Beginning of UFS Dec 12, 1994 To some extent, humble is even an overstatement in describing the Beginnings of the UFS. While the founders of the union may have been bereft of resources, they made up for it with a lot of heart and dedication towards championing the cause of Filipino seafarers. Literally born under […]

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Rally Due to the Delay of Seaman’s Book Issuance

The birth of UFS is also parallel to the time in 1994 when Filipino seafarers were having difficulty getting their Seafarer Identification Record Books (SIRBs) or Seaman’s Books, whose function was abruptly transferred to the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), which took more than 20 years to familiarize itself with […]

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Initiated the 5-Year Validation of the Seaman’s Service Record Book

When the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) was still issuing the Seaman’s Service Record Book in the early 70s, the validation was good for only three years. Engr. Ramirez of the UFS sought to increase the validation period to five years after he and the UFS discovered that some Filipino seafarers were able to use their […]

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Campaign versus Illegal Recruiters, Illegal Dismissal and Other Maritime-Related Cases

Right after the problem in the delay of the issuance of the SIRBs was resolved, numerous victims of illegal recruiters sought the assistance of UFS to get their money back and file charges against these ill-motive land-based and sea-based manpower agencies, which was said to have the finances and strong connection in the government. Unperturbed […]

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