Manila -I am very thankful to the Lizada Red Ginseng because it helped me a lot.

I am Johnny, a 30 year old Able Bodied (AB) Seaman from Visayas. I would like to share with you my inspiring story about how red Ginseng helped me. I went under severe depression when I was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis B, a highly infectious disease. The doctors whom I consulted were all saying it cannot be treated. After receiving their prognosis, I wasn’t able to sleep and as a result my health suffered.

But later on I resolved that this should not deter me in making myself better and in fate stepped in, shortly after, a cousin of mine shoed me a newspaper announcement of Lizada Red Ginseng, promising treatment of Hepatitis B, I called up their number (736-7732 and 736-7691). They told me to prepare the medical findings of my doctors. When I went to their office I saw the sheer number of people waiting because of the free check up. They showed me a long list of names who were treated. I told myself that these people were treated and got better, when I will be treated as well.

Within three months of using pure extract of ginseng, sheer will and with the help of God, I overcome my medical problem and got better. I am about to board a ship again to work and to prove that I was treated and is now healthy, I left a copy of my laboratory result.

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